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The 3 Simple Questions That Will Help You Change the World…Easily

There is a desire, a longing in each of us, for the unnecessary, immoral, and reoccurring problems of the planet — war, hunger, poverty, disease, hatred, addictions, abuse, crime, pollution, etc. — not just to get better, but to once and for all end.

We’ve suppressed these yearnings that arise from our soul, yearnings for a world that inspires hope, creativity, and engagement. What keeps this self-censoring in place is a culture that believes having the kind of world we yearn for simply is not possible.

Yet, from our most profound core, we continue to know the kind of world we want. We want a world moving in a direction that nourishes and fulfills our deepest Being. We want a world that is life affirming, ennobling, energizing, engaging, and hopeful. This is the world we long to see and feel and live in.

This kind of world is possible. It is realizable.


There is a process now emerging in our global culture to support this desire. Fundamentally, it calls for re-envisioning who we are as humans and as Humanity. As this process continues unfolding, it acts as an opening allowing us for the first time to consciously choose and create our new, collective story — Heaven on Earth.

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Advance Praise for
Project Heaven on Earth

“Deep in our souls, don’t we all want Heaven on Earth? Now is the time for us to be deliberate creators of the kind of world we long for. We don’t have to take huge leaps to create this; we just have to take baby steps every day and keep on taking them. Martin Rutte is the Heaven on Earth visionary and coach helping us in this worthy mission.”

– Marci Shimoff
New York Times #1 Best Selling Author,
Happy for No Reason

“Your work on Heaven on Earth is powerful and timely. You are a Wayshower. I love you for that. Very glad you’re having this important impact.”

– Barnet Bain
Director, Milton’s Secret
Producer, What Dreams May Come
Author, The Book of Doing and Being: Rediscovering Creativity in Life, Love and Work

“Martin is a crucial change agent; his work is nothing less than the vision of a new human society. I can’t imagine how you could bring more meaning and joy to your life than to join Martin and become an active participant in the Great Turning. You can either be at the effect of a changing world or one of its co-creators!”

– Tim Kelley
Global Change Agent
Author, True Purpose

“When I first heard Martin speak about Heaven on Earth years ago, it honestly seemed too mystical to me, but now I love it — I love this whole field you are establishing for us all. Thanks, Martin, for being such a key part of the new story.”

– Barbara Marx Hubbard
Visionary, Social Innovator,
and Evolutionary Thinker

“Heaven on Earth is the new human story. And you can participate in it by simply giving and honoring your word that you are. Martin Rutte is a clear leader in this emerging story.”

– don Miguel Ruiz
Author, The Four Agreements

“Martin Rutte is a brilliant guide and explorer in the new territory of how we co-create Heaven on Earth. My wife, Kathlyn, and I have been studying the art of co-creation for 35 years now, and it’s our experience that it is absolutely crucial to fulfillment as individuals and planetary citizens. Martin’s leadership, based on his rich life experience and professional expertise, will guarantee you an exhilarating journey to a new perspective.”

– Gay Hendricks
Author, The Big Leap

“There is perhaps no more ancient desire in human history than that of creating Heaven on Earth. Yet, for perhaps the first time in those thousands of years, we can truly imagine a world where the problems of yesterday and today (war, scarcity, starvation, exploitation, mass suffering) are no more, and humans are free to thrive as never before on this planet. And if we can imagine it, we can make it so.

“For several decades, Martin Rutte has been passionately pursuing the all-important question of what Heaven on Earth might truly look like. I know of no one more capable of leading us on a transformational journey into this vast and wonderful subject. Prepare to feel hopeful and inspired!”

– Carter Phipps
Author, Evolutionaries

“Martin Rutte tells the new story with passionate clarity. He brings inspiration and hope in the way people look at their lives and their place in the world. It is life changing for those who hear and embrace the compelling story of Heaven on Earth that he tells.”

– Peggy Holman
Engaging Emergence:
Turning Upheaval into Opportunity

Co-author, The Change Handbook

“It is a tremendous accomplishment and I think it will be one of the documents that can matter — like the Source Document for the Hunger Project and the UN Millennial Charter.

“I was reminded of the phrase ‘a world that works for everyone with no one left out’ and while I have said that many times in blogs and talks, it’s a phrase that had become a bit stale and lost some of it’s power to inspire me and call me forth. In reading your book, it all came back that Heaven on Earth is possible and if we live it one day at a time, we’ll help cultivate it and have faith that it is manifesting around us every moment.

“Heaven on Earth is a powerful movement and an opening for anyone to connect to a deeper level of awareness and responsibility for our world and the opportunity each of us has to make a difference — to make the world what we would want it to be if it were perfect. Martin Rutte has reduced ancient teachings and traditions to a few simple questions, which when answered from the heart, show us who we are and that our lives and our world is a choice that each of us make every moment of every day. Bravo.”

– Jim Selman
Coach, Facilitator, and Consultant

“Martin and I share an absolute devotion to the glorious and never-ending process of humbly participating in creating ‘heaven on earth.’ He is a brilliant teacher and a bright light shining inspiration and illumination on the path of his students’ discovery of what ‘heaven on earth’ is for them.”

– Patricia Albere
Evolutionary Collective

“What is Heaven on Earth FOR YOU? In that question, Martin takes a heady, philosophical discussion and brings it right down to earth, right into the heart. I remember vividly when he asked me his three Heaven on Earth questions. It was life transforming. I realized that Heaven on Earth was something that could be done right now, today! Give Martin a few moments and he will show your heaven, hiding right here, in plain sight. Then you won’t have to look for it anymore. You will just share it with the rest of us.”

– GP Walsh
Spiritual Teacher,
Founder of the MasterHEART Institute
Creator of Inner Reconciliation

“Because we create what we expect, when you look for Heaven on Earth, you find it. Regular ordinary moments become expanded, joyful, and euphoric moments. A moment of being cuddled by my two sons, or a beautiful hug from my husband are no longer just moments, they are moments when I experience Heaven on Earth. Thank you Martin for creating this perspective and teaching each of us how to create a new experience of life. This is a must read for any spiritual seeker.”

– Christy Whitman
The New York Times Best Selling author,
The Art of Having It All

“We all dream of a better life — for ourselves, loved ones, and the world. Turning our images of ‘heaven on earth’ into a reality, fulfilling our mission in life, requires mastery. Martin Rutte’s Project Heaven on Earth is a clear roadmap for both uncovering and realizing our dreams for a better life.”

– Dr. Ken Druck
Author, Courageous Aging: Your Best Years Ever Reimagined and the original Executive Coach

“Anything less than Heaven on Earth is beneath us.”

– Rinaldo S. Brutoco
Founder & President, World Business Academy

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