The End Of Plastic Straws

The End of Plastic Straws

Here's a guest post by Christine Barnes. Thanks, Christine. The End of Plastic Straws Meditation exasperates me; I really want to do it, but each time I assume the position, my thoughts predictably hike down one of two paths: Chattering…

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Human Unity is Our Company’s Goal

Vishen Lakhiani is Founder and CEO of Mindvalley. The company designs learning experiences and publishes teachings by the best authors in transformational education for three million students worldwide. Founded in 2003, today Vishen leads a 200-strong team of over 40 nationalities. Mindvalley’s…

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We’re In The Adventure

We’re In the Adventure

"We're in the adventure of Heaven on Earth." - Randy Austill You can hear a 20 minute interview on Heaven on Earth with Martin here: Scroll down to ‘Heaven in Your Home’ and start listening at 21:39. Enjoy.

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Commit To The Result

Commit to the Result

Watch video here More than 60% of the world’s oceans lie outside territorial waters. That means no nation, no individual, is responsible for this vast area of our home planet. Think of it….more than 60% of the world’s oceans lie outside…

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The Heart’s Deepest Longing

Dear Heaven Maker: In his book Heaven: The Heart’s Deepest Longing, philosopher Peter Kreeft talks about ways that we can know Heaven here on Earth. One way, he says, is by seeing values being lived: Beauty, Wisdom, Love, Truth, Goodness, etc. These are values…

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