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Why Martin Is Right For Your Event

Martin Rutte has a message of success in creating the life, the work and the world your audience deeply longs for… he gets people to discover ‘What is Heaven on Earth for me and how do I easily get started making that real.’ He’ll do this in a fun and entertaining style, with depth, that will shift your organization into its next level, professionally and personally.

As an internationally recognized leader in helping people discover and implement Heaven on Earth, Martin delivers The New Story of What It Means to Be a Human and What It Means To Be Humanity to enthusiastic audiences globally. People in all kinds of industries have been inspired and empowered by Martin’s powerful message. Martin knows how to accelerate the personal, professional and global achievement of those longing for a better world.

Your audience will be inspired and motivated to achieve beyond what they believe possible, to achieve the dreams of their Soul. Martin will provide the insights and tools necessary to overcome obstacles, adapt to changing circumstances, re-frame perspectives and solve seemingly impossible problems.

Martin is a friend, a colleague, and a valued advisor with honest simplicity and keen insight. The power of spirit illuminates his work.”
                                                                                                       – Jack Canfield
New York Times
 Best-Selling Co-Author
Chicken Soup for the Soul

Presentation Formats

The Keynote

This engaging, thought-provoking program will leave your conference or meeting participants energized and excited about what they’ve realized. Martin will inspire your audience by using practical examples of people creatively building Heaven on Earth: in coaching, in real estate, in dentistry, in policing, in spiritual and religious organizations, in a tea shop, and many others. He’ll engage your audience. He’ll get them thinking ‘outside-the-box’ of what they believe is possible. He’ll unlock new doors into possibility. He’ll begin the process of making Heaven on Earth real. Please allow 1-2 hours.

The Keynote Experience

The perfect way to begin, or end, any convention, conference or retreat. The Keynote Experience gets participants involved with the material — and each other. Martin offers insightful new perspectives, stories, examples, and interactive exercises to give everyone a deep and easy opening into what Heaven on Earth is and how they can easily begin making that real. Participants will get to know each other and themselves while discovering their commitments. The Keynote Experience is an ideal choice for longer keynote programs. Please allow 2-4 hours.

The Workshop

This 4- to 8-hour program uses activities, exercises, and group experiences, instead of lecture, to achieve a deeper level of understanding and commitment. Please allow 4-8 hours.

The 2-Day Training

This Training facilitates participants to deeply experience Heaven on Earth for themselves and as a group. This is the most in-depth appreciation of Heaven on Earth. We’ll explore Heaven on Earth for: Your Self, Your Relationships, The World, & Right-Here-Right-Now. Allow 12-18 hours total.

Martin is a crucial change agent; his work is nothing less than the vision of a new human society. I can’t imagine how you could bring more meaning and joy to your life than to join Martin and become an active participant in the Great Turning. You can either be at the effect of a changing world or one of its co-creators!”
– Tim Kelley
Global Change Agent

Author, True Purpose

Martin Rutte
“When I first heard Martin speak about Heaven on Earth years ago, it honestly seemed too mystical to me, but now I love it — I love this whole field you are establishing for us all. Thanks, Martin, for being such a key part of the new story.”
 – Barbara Marx Hubbard
Visionary, Social Innovator, and Evolutionary Thinker
“Heaven on Earth is the new human story. And you can participate in it by simply giving and honoring your word that you are. Martin Rutte is a clear leader in this emerging story.”
– don Miguel Ruiz
Author, The Four Agreements

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Businesses and Organizations Where Martin Has Presented

“Deep in our souls, don’t we all want Heaven on Earth? Now is the time for us to be deliberate creators of the kind of world we long for. We don’t have to take huge leaps to create this; we just have to take baby steps every day and keep on taking them. Martin Rutte is the Heaven on Earth visionary and coach helping us in this worthy mission.”
– Marci Shimoff
Bestselling Author, Happy for No Reason

“There is perhaps no more ancient desire in human history than that of creating Heaven on Earth. Yet, for perhaps the first time in those thousands of years, we can truly imagine a world where the problems of yesterday and today (war, scarcity, starvation, exploitation, mass suffering) are no more, and humans are free to thrive as never before on this planet. And if we can imagine it, we can make it so. For several decades, Martin Rutte has been passionately pursuing the all important question of what Heaven on Earth might truly look like. I know of no one more capable of leading us on a transformational journey into this vast and wonderful subject. Prepare to feel hopeful and inspired!”

– Carter Phipps

Author, Evolutionaries

Martin Rutte tells the new story with passionate clarity. He brings inspiration and hope in the way people look at their lives and their place in the world. It is life changing for those who hear and embrace the compelling story of Heaven on Earth that he tells.”
– Peggy Holman
Author, Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval into Opportunity
Co-author, The Change Handbook

To inquire about Martin’s schedule and begin a conversation, fill out this form.