Have you ever met someone and had the most remarkably good feeling about who they are and what they’re doing in their lives? These are people who have found their niche in life, the one made just for them. They’ve jumped in fullheartedly and are loving what they’re doing. When you’re with them, you experience Heaven on Earth. I call them Heaven Makers.

A Heaven Maker is someone who is helping co-create Heaven on Earth. They help create pathways to and experiences of Heaven on Earth for others. Heaven on Earth is their heart’s desire. It’s an essential part of their Soul’s intention and service to life. It enlivens a vibrant dynamic within them. It’s what they’re here to do. It’s their contribution to the creation of Humanity’s new story.

  • In Mexico, Sylvia Padelford talked to two people every day for 33 days about Project Heaven on Earth creating a multiplier effect through her sharing.
  • In Ireland, Frances Tolton, a consultant who works throughout Europe, carries a form she hands out to people asking them to write their description of Heaven on Earth.
  • In Brazil, Sonia Cafe wrote a book, 64 PODERES… e as muitas maneiras de criar o céu na terra, which translates as: 64 Powers…and the many ways to create Heaven on Earth.

Around the globe, there are many examples of Heaven Makers who have taken on co-creating Heaven on Earth, and are adding their own ideas and coming up with their unique contributions. Here are a few of them:

The Web of Life


Alima Susan Friar is a microgreen farmer on Kaua’i, Hawaii. Microgreens are tiny plants that go from seed to table in 7-10 days. She saw a presentation I did and thought about how she could contribute to Heaven on Earth. In answer to Question 2, “What is Heaven on Earth for you?” she wrote:

“Heaven on Earth is creating food sustainability by nurturing and tilling the soil of our earthly Garden every day with love and seeing us all as part of the same village co-creating together.”

I could see how very moved she was by her discovery. As we talked about it, she came up with the idea of embedding it onto the end every e-mail she sends. It took about a minute to set up and now every time she sends out an e-mail, she’s doing her part in
co-creating Heaven on Earth.

What Good Would a Penny Do?


I was doing a global Heaven on Earth teleseminar. We were looking at the various sufferings in the world and what could be done to end them. Sue Bookchin, one of the participants, spoke about how violence against women on a global scale was deeply disturbing to her and was the issue that, “makes my blood boil. It makes me shake with outrage.” She found it barely tolerable to even think about the ways in which women were the object of violence. She also spoke about sexual slavery, the use of rape as a weapon of war, and the lifelong trauma women experience as a result.

On the local level, she was on the board of Second Story Women’s Centre, in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. It was clear to her that violence against women was also an issue locally.

While commemorations for fourteen women killed by a male student at École Polytechnique in 1989 in Montreal were held every year in Lunenburg County, the prevalence and attitudes about violence against women had really not changed much in decades. Then, Sue added, “And the day after we hold the commemoration, everyone goes back to life as usual and nobody does anything different.”

In a tone of great frustration, she said, “What would you do Martin?”

I replied, “Sue, I don’t know your financial situation. You could donate $5,000 or you could donate a penny.”

With even greater frustration, she blurted out, “What good would a penny do?”

One of the other participants on the call, Deahni, chimed in and said, “What if everyone in your county gave a penny a day to help end violence against women?” Sue responded, “Oh my goodness, what a great idea. A penny a day will keep this issue in people’s consciousness every day, and a penny is affordable to everyone, even school children.”

In October of 2010, Sue and Second Story Women’s Centre launched, “Making Change.” The idea is simple: They handed out mason jars with the Making Change logo on it and asked people to donate a minimum of a penny a day to help end violence against women locally. Some people in the neighboring county of Queens also took jars.

On September 3, 2013, Sue updated me:

“As we were in the midst of formulating next steps for ‘Making Change’ (it raised about $2,500), there was a call for proposals from the federal government’s Status of Women Canada for exactly what we wanted to do. Second Story applied for and was awarded $300,000 over three years, starting in April 2012, for a coordinated community response to violence against women and girls in Lunenburg County. We are in the second year, and as co-coordinator of the Be the Peace project, as it is now called, it has pretty much taken over my life!!! Have a look at the web site: www.bethepeace.ca.

There is also a cool YouTube video of our first public forum in July, 2012:

“From that meeting came ten different community working groups.

“When we began ‘Making Change,’ we discovered that people really did want to talk about violence against women and not have it hide in the shadows any more. And once they had a forum where they could talk about it, they wanted to take action to end it.

“Today, almost everyone we talk to knows about the Be the Peace project, and asks, ‘How can we help?’”

A Christmas Inspiration


Christmas Letter

Patty O’Sullivan in Santa Fe, New Mexico, saw the Project Heaven on Earth presentation just before Christmas and had an idea. She asked forty of her extended family members to send her a very short description of what Heaven on Earth is for them. Thirty-three people responded and she combined them all into her Christmas letter, which she sent to all forty. Here are some of the responses she received.

  • Having the family that I do. They’re all so thoughtful. There isn’t anything they wouldn’t do for each other. (Mom)
  • Being surrounded by my family and having such a wonderful family, including my children, their wives and husbands, grandchildren, and a great-grandchild. Being content with everything that has transpired in my life. I’m proud of my family and I’m at peace with the world. Heaven on earth is, most of all, my wife, Ruth. (Dad)
  • A newborn baby’s smile. (Peg)
  • Heaven on Earth is love at first sight…and the miracle of marriage. (Megan)
  • Being with Patty and Buddy in our home. (Sam)
  • The children of the world being loved, cared for and valued, and being a catalyst for that to happen. (Patty)
  • Waking up to a bright morning sun, the smell of fresh sticky buns in the oven, and Claire’s laugh. (Bill)
  • World peace. People living full lives. No war. People loving life. (Terry O.)
  • Remembering to feel the Divine connectedness in all moments, all things, and all people. Imagining a world where all people feel that connectedness and love the spark of beauty and uniqueness in each other, where each one lives and enjoys their own unique gifts passionately. Such a world will harbor no ill or anger or war. It will be a miraculous, beautiful symphony of differences. (Rosie)
  • To be around my kids, especially when they start having families, and to be near family members. (Mar)
  • The recognition of how blessed my life truly is. I feel so much gratitude for the gifts I’ve received — family, friends, and teachers. The only way to appreciate God’s gifts is by giving back and living as compassionately and selflessly as I can. (Donna)

Heaven on Earth in a Dentist’s Chair


Dr. Dana Colson is a dentist who leads a practice of several dentists and over twenty team members in Toronto. She attended a workshop I gave and was very moved by the idea of making Heaven on Earth real. Wanting to introduce Heaven on Earth into her practice, she came up with a very innovative way of doing it. Patients sit down in the dental chair in her office and are slowly tilted back until they’re lying almost flat. When they look up at the ceiling, they see a sign that says “Heaven on Earth.” If a patient asks what the sign is about, Dana asks them the 3 Heaven on Earth questions and talks about the exponential power of sharing. She says several people ask or comment about the sign every day.

Heaven on Earth Dentist

Prince Edward Island
Canada’s First Heaven on Earth Province

In the early 2000s, I gave a series of yearly Heaven on Earth workshops in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island (PEI). Situated off the east coast, PEI is the birthplace of Canada and its smallest province.

One summer, during a workshop I was giving, a thought popped into my head, “PEI is Canada’s first Heaven on Earth province.” I dismissed the idea at first, but the more I thought about it the more I loved it. Since the way you start a new story is to start the story, I said the sentence out loud to the participants and it became a declaration. In the years since, it’s continued to expand as others have joined in the same declaration.

Every summer, when I go back to the island, a group of us committed to this declaration explore it more depth, discovering what we can do to expand and forward it. I especially want to thank Kele Redmond, Mark Belfry, Wendy Foster, Bob Mueller, and Amanda Gallant for their co-creative partnership.

Here are six projects and initiatives that continue coming out of a growing number of people’s commitment to “PEI is Canada’s First Heaven on Earth Province.”


The Kiwanis Key Club Heaven on Earth Leadership Award


Kiwanis is a world-wide service organization whose youth component is the Key Club. The Key Club at Colonel Gray High School in Charlottetown, PEI, has established the Heaven on Earth Leadership Awards. During the school year, students team up on projects that respond to the question, “Here is a magic wand and with it you can create ‘Heaven on Earth.’ What is ‘Heaven on Earth’ and what will you do to make it happen?”

The idea is to have members of the Key Club reflect on the kind of world they want, feel free to talk about it, and begin playing their part individually or in groups to make their dreams come true. This initiative is a natural fit with the Kiwanis Key Club mandate, which provides members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership. Their vision statement is, “We are caring and competent servant leaders transforming communities worldwide!”

Gail Lecky of the Kiwanis Club of Charlottetown is excited to see what the youth members create. “We answered this question at an international Kiwanis event we hosted recently, and it’s a powerful individual and group experience,” she said.

The youth leadership awards will recognize a Colonel Gray High School Key Club member or group of members who “demonstrate leadership qualities in planning and organizing one of the following: an event, project, website, YouTube Video, newspaper editorial/column, advertising/marketing campaign, or other enterprise.”

Suzanne Lee, teacher adviser for the Key Club, says, “This is a great initiative. I’d love to see Key Clubs worldwide be able to apply for this award.”

A full description of the award along with the application form and award criteria are found here.

Lady Baker’s Tea: Brewing Heaven on Earth



Katherine Burnett is a tea lover who has turned her passion into her business running Lady Baker’s Tea. She took one of my workshops and came up with the idea of blending a special mix for a Heaven on Earth tea. It is one of her signature blends.

The back of the package is reproduced in part here:

Heaven on Earth Tea

Order the tea here.

PEI Business Women’s Association


Hannah Bell is the Executive Director of the PEI Business Women’s Association — “We empower women in business through training, counseling, and networking opportunities.”

I believe very strongly in their mission and work. To support them, I offered Hannah and the organization a workshop on vision building as my gift. She was delighted and accepted.

A couple of weeks later, we were having coffee to discuss the workshop and she asked me what other projects I was involved in. I told her about Heaven on Earth. She sat bolt upright and said, “That’s it, that’s it. We need to do your workshop on Heaven on Earth!” I immediately agreed, I led the workshop, the members loved it, and I did it again the next year.

The workshop title was:

A BOLD Tomorrow:
Co-Creating Heaven on Earth for Yourself, Your Work/Business, and PEI

The workshop “provides a process for you, your work, and your province to align with deeply held values and initiatives that enrich humanity. A BOLD Tomorrow for Islanders is motivated by a sentiment to do something, deep in our hearts, deep in our souls, which takes our province to its next evolutionary level. What we want is a new context, a new story for the Third Millennium — one that inspires us all.

“Come and hear what others are doing all around the world personally and in their workplaces to make meaningful change in unique and individual ways — and discover your contribution to your personal and professional growth and to a province and planet that works.”

A Heaven on Earth Vision for Anderson House


Anderson House is a provincial, 24-hour emergency shelter for women and their children who are victims of domestic abuse and violence, in Charlottetown, PEI. This short-term sanctuary offers a safe, secure environment in which to recover and recuperate while offering programs and services designed to enhance a family’s quality of life and enable them to move forward with their lives.

Being a not-for-profit shelter, Anderson House relies on donations from community members and businesses. Amanda Gallant, a talented singer and event organizer, put together the PEI Heaven on Earth Extravaganza for Anderson House “a night of wonderful music, terrific food, and a whole lot of laughter with a silent auction in support of Anderson House.”

Amanda says, “I believe that Anderson House is a wonderful example of a dream to not only improve the lives of Islanders, but to give them hope. That is my vision of a PEI Heaven on Earth. A home filled with hope, where artists and businesses alike are free to express their highest and greatest vision for our Island family.”

Read more here.

Beginning a New Story for Summerside

Wendy Foster took the PEI Business Women’s course (above). She was so inspired by the workshop, the participant involvement and energy in the room, she said publicly that she was going to create a similar event for her community of Summerside, PEI’s second largest city. She also wanted to use it to officially launch her business, The Coaching Playground.

Wendy registered for and attended the next public Heaven on Earth workshop to deepen her perspective on the content and to observe from a facilitator’s point of view. Further inspired, she publicly declared that in three weeks she was hosting a Heaven on Earth workshop for Summerside.

Wendy and her partner, Bob Mueller, blitzed the city. They brought me down a week before the workshop to do an intensive marketing campaign. We met with the Mayor, influential businesspeople, and people we met on the street that Wendy knew. Wendy and Bob put posters up all over the city. Heaven on Earth was everywhere. The workshop was a success.

Two people with commitment, energy, and tenacity can begin a city’s new story.

Bob created a short video of the campaign and my workshop, which you can view to the right.

Facebook: PEI Heaven on Earth

There’s a devoted Facebook page: PEI Heaven on Earth. The image at the top of the FB page is the current PEI license plate (we’ve just put in the 00-000 as a place holder number). On the bottom of the real license plate are the words: “Birthplace of Confederation” (Canada is a Confederation of Provinces). We’ve changed those words to now say: The Heaven on Earth Province.


The Heaven on Earth Video Contest

Laurie and Jacob Teitelbaum want to help spread Heaven on Earth all around the world and they are using technology to do it. They’ve created The Heaven on Earth Video Contest.

People are asked to create a YouTube video introducing the possibility of Heaven on Earth becoming a reality in our world.

With a Grand Prize of $5,000, there are more than $10,000 in total prizes.

The judges are looking for a 2-5 minute video that will open up people’s minds to Heaven on Earth being a possibility in our world. Your job is to imagine how incredible Heaven on Earth would really be. Your video would open the door to this new world, and will ideally enable others to think: “I want that!”

Messages you can convey with your video:

  1. Heaven on Earth would be an incredible experience.
  2. Heaven on Earth is a reality that is possible NOW.
  3. Heaven on Earth can happen easily and gracefully (no catastrophes needed).
  4. Heaven on Earth is for absolutely everyone!

You can view the previous winning entries and learn how you can enter in 2017  here.

Feeling Inspired Yet? You can sign up for my free email course: One Week to Simply Begin Creating Heaven on Earth. You’ll receive a lesson a day for seven days and then be subscribed to our Heaven Makers newsletter for more inspirational Heaven Maker Projects.

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More Heaven Maker Examples (Click the Title to Expand)

Co-creating Heaven on Earth for Mexico -¡Si!

Gabrial Nossovitch is a workshop leader and trainer in corporate leadership. He works in English in the U.S. and in Spanish in Mexico, Argentina, and Chile.

He and I spoke about the terrorism, lawlessness, kidnappings, violence, and killing in Mexico. He was deeply concerned about the deteriorating situation and wanted to talk about what he and the participants in his workshops could do about it. He felt that the situation was very serious and that there was a very large, national negative belief system in place saying there wasn’t anything a person could do to change it. He asked me what I thought could be done. I thought about it and said, “Gabriel, why don’t you ignite the passion in Mexico to have it be great? Why don’t you begin an inquiry into what Heaven on Earth is for Mexico and what some simple, easy steps would be that people could take to create a new and empowering reality for their country?”

Gabriel loved the idea and to begin, he’s established a Facebook community, in Spanish, called: El Cielo En La Tierra Para Mexico (Heaven on Earth for Mexico).

In addition to the 3 questions, he’s asking people to answer a fourth one, specifically tailored to Mexico:

“Imagine you have a magic wand and with it you can create Heaven on Earth for Mexico. What is Heaven on Earth for Mexico?”

You can join the conversation by going to the El Cielo En La Tierra Para Mexico Facebook Page. Most of the responses are in Spanish, but there is an easy “See Translation” button for each entry.

Susanne Frandsen is doing the same thing for her country, Denmark, and has also started a Facebook page, both in Danish and English, called: Project Heaven on Earth − i Danmark, Europa & Verden (which translates as “in Denmark, Europe, and the World”).

Banti Tarifa

Banti is a hotel-bar-restaurant in Tarifa on the very southern coast of Spain. Tarifa is the kitesurfing/windsurfing capital of Europe with ideal winds blowing all day long on the waters of the Mediterranean. Banti is a warm, relaxing, and welcoming spot. Their motto:

Banti = a meeting point for those who truly believe we are living in heaven on earth.

Read more here.

The New Magna Carta includes Heaven on Earth

In 1215, England’s King John was forced by noblemen to sign the Magna Carta, transforming the country from an absolute monarchy into a democracy. 2015 marks the 800th anniversary of the document that changed the story of governance.

Dr. Nicholas Beecroft is a British psychiatrist who is deeply concerned with the future of western civilization. He conducted the “Future of Western Civilization” series of interviews with visionary leaders. I was honored to be one of those interviewed and that interview has become Nicholas’s book Creating Heaven on Earth: Taking Small Steps in the Right Direction.

Nicholas thought the 800th anniversary would be a good time to revisit the Magna Carta and write a new version, which he’s done in his book New Magna Carta: A Psychiatrist’s Prescription for Western Civilization. The book offers a bold vision, along with a strategy, aimed at rejuvenating western civilization. Nicholas offers a clear image of who we are, what we believe, what we value, where we want to get to, and the necessary steps to get there. New Magna Carta is a living, evolving document that Nicholas sees being continuously improved.

Chapter 5.11 begins with Nicholas presenting my three Heaven on Earth questions. He answers Question 2 — Imagine you have a magic wand and with it you can create Heaven on Earth. What is Heaven on Earth for you? — in great depth and clarity. His answer is extensive, detailed, and expansive.

Not getting caught up in the pessimistic cynicism of our time, New Magna Carta envisions a bright future. It invites us to rise to the challenges we face and harness the creative energy of every human being alive to create a new civilization that enables each one of us to fulfill our potential.

To read Nicholas’s Heaven on Earth answer in full and learn more about New Magna Carta, visit here.

Heaven on Earth for Policing

I asked Justin Criner, a police officer in Texas, what Heaven on Earth is for policing. He looked at me and instantly said, “The end of crime and everyone helping each other in acts of kindness.”

Justin then created a 16-page manual, Discovering Heaven on Earth for Law Enforcement, that helps anyone begin the process of ending crime in their own community, whether they are in law enforcement or not.

More information here.

“Heaven, I’m in Heaven”

David Sunfellow studies people who have had Near Death Experiences (NDE’s), people from all races, religions, and cultures who have died and then returned to life with fantastic stories about what they experienced while clinically dead. He has first-hand reports — audio, video, and written — from thousands of people.

David says we, “systematically study, teach, and seek to embody the core truths presented by near-death experiences.”

Imagine you were able to speak to all of these people, who come from different parts of the world, speak different languages, practice different religions, and don’t know each other. Over time, you’d start to see similarities. And then, what if you distilled those similarities down to their essential attributes?

Here are the twelve essential attributes that David describes in his “The Formula for Creating Heaven on Earth” chart and worksheet:

  • Connect with God
  • Feel God’s Love for Us
  • Love Others Via Daily Acts of Kindness
  • Monitor & Direct Inner Dialogue
  • See, Speak, Live The Truth
  • Discover & Manifest Our Unique Purpose
  • Guidance from Spirit, Within & Without
  • Shadow Work
  • Body Care & Healthy Lifestyle
  • Spend Time in Nature; Love the Earth
  • Join Deeply with Other Human Beings
  • Miracles: Master The World Through Love

Read more here.

Heaven on Earth in Your Congregation

Bread of Life is a spiritual center offering programs in an economically depressed area of Sacramento, California. They offer:

  • Spirit in the Arts programs: A free, self-directed open art studio that serves as their mission into the neighborhood.
  • Formation Programs for Leaders: This includes a 3-year internship in the art of spiritual direction, contemplative dialogue trainings, and experiences in the ancient four-fold journey of Spirit and transformation called Quadratos.
  • Spirit Print: A print shop offering basic print of Life while mentoring local at-risk youth.

I gave a couple of Heaven on Earth presentations for them. Their Co-Director, Sandra Lomasson, felt that Heaven on Earth would be a wonderful program to offer in every church in the country. To have that happen, she wrote a 28-page Heaven on Earth for Congregations Resource Packet. You can download the Packet here.

The packet is free.  If you do use it please consider making a donation to ‘Bread of Life’ and let them know that it’s for the use of this packet.  You can donate here.

Ask Your Board

Ray Blanchard is the President of Blanchard Consulting Group, LLC, a training & development, and consulting company with offices in San Antonio, Texas and Burbank, California. I asked him the three Heaven on Earth questions and he loved them. A week later, he had a meeting of his company’s Advisory Board, which was looking at the future of the business. He asked them the questions. He later told me they were actually crying, as they were so deeply in touch with Heaven on Earth for themselves and the company. He said, “Heaven on Earth put us back in touch with our passions for our work, and it set a powerful context for getting things done. We’ll be using it again and again.”

A Theme Song for Singapore’s Environment

The National Environment Agency of Singapore holds a contest every year in search of a new theme song for their “Clean and Green Singapore” campaign. The 2011 theme song was “Heaven on Earth,” music & lyrics composed by Kathryn Cheng:

This is our Singapore —
clean air & water, wide green spaces, and a diverse eco-system.
Let’s cherish this beautiful environment and make it
our Heaven on Earth 
for future generations.

They’ve posted a beautiful video of the song:

The End of Homelessness – A Home for Everyone

Brenda MacKenzie, a real estate agent in Halifax, Canada, and I were having coffee one day and talking about Heaven on Earth. I asked her what world suffering upset her the most. Her face went pale as she said, “Homelessness.” I asked her what Heaven on Earth would be for homelessness and she simply said, “A home for everyone.”

Then, she immediately went into how difficult that would be. “Martin you don’t understand. I’m a real estate agent, I work 60 hours a week and I’m also in a relationship that takes time. How am I supposed to do all that and create a home for everyone?”

I responded by saying, “Brenda, put all your very real considerations aside for the moment. Now, how are you going to get this done?” — and that’s when a light bulb went on for her.

She went back to her real estate agency, Domus Realty, and called an all-agents meeting. She told them she wanted to end homelessness, create a home for everyone, and she wanted it to be easy to do. Would they agree that every time they sold a property to have $100 taken out of their commission and put into a special Domus Fund to end homelessness? They all agreed and set up a “Home for Everyone.”

Each year, they fund innovative programs that help end homelessness, asking for submissions from registered charities. The last time I spoke with Brenda, her agency had raised over $50,000. They have six volunteer board members, one chosen by each realtor, who review the applications and choose what they feel is the best match for their criteria. Brenda chairs the board and reports back to the Domus agents. Last year, the winning charity received $22,000.

Visit A Home for Everyone Website

IMAGINE...a Heaven on Earth

Catherine Burnett is an Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre and Film at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. I shared the Heaven on Earth presentation and questions with her and several weeks later, she came up with an idea.

She gave her intermediate year Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) acting students the assignment of interviewing different people of different ages about heaven on earth by asking them the Heaven on Earth questions. The students would then re-create these people on stage in monologues. The first-year BFA actors were given their own assignment of choreographing several musical pieces.

The show they created is called IMAGINE. It explores the concept of heaven on many levels, empowers individuals to create Heaven in their own lives, and affirms that now is the time to start.

The show includes music, dance, acting and visual imaging and it brought together her students with outside professional artists. It opens with the Fred Astaire/ Ginger Rogers dance number “Cheek to Cheek” (with the famous line “Heaven, I’m in Heaven…”) and closes with a dance piece to “Your Love Lifts Me Higher.” The show is infused with an art expression piece featuring a soprano, a tenor, a singer-songwriter, and a jazz artist. Also participating in the show were a whirling Sufi dancer, a local professional actress, and an African dancer.

Catherine and her fellow artists believe it’s through the medium of the arts that the Heaven on Earth message has the most impact.

The Flowering of Heaven on Earth

Jocelyn Ann Flores is a young poet in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I discovered her poem from a Google Alert sent to me. I wrote asking for permission to publish it and she asked me why.
I explained that her poem expresses the essence of what I’ve heard many people say Heaven on Earth is for them.

Heaven on Earth

I’m on a search for heaven
And at times I find it in the strangest places
In the flowers that bloom
And in childrens’ smiling faces
I’ve witnessed a man stand up for what he believes in
I’ve witnessed the changing of the seasons
I’ve woken up with a smile on my face
And I’ve seen light shine down on the darkest of places
I’ve seen the hardest working people struggle for success
And I’ve seen them come home to three small smiling faces with no regrets
I’ve witnessed real love that a man has for his wife
And the joy of knowing he comes home to only her every night
I’ve seen leaves dance with the breeze
And I’ve seen a lake provide joy for entire families
I’ve felt the sun share its warmth during bone chilling days
And I’ve seen rain unselfishly shower flowers till the month of may
Generation after generation
In search for peace within yourself
You must look at the beauty around you
At times it seems as though heaven has found you

Read more of Jocelyn’s poems

A Heart’s Yearning

john-wadeJohn E. Wade II, a businessman in New Orleans, Louisiana, felt a real heart’s yearning for Heaven on Earth. Taking action on his yearning, he compiled and edited a significant book on the subject, How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth: 101 insightful essays from the world’s greatest thinkers, leaders, and writers. John believes there are ten elements that are essential to do this: Peace, Security, Freedom, Democracies, Prosperity, Spiritual Harmony, Racial Harmony, Ecological Harmony, Health, and Moral Purpose and Meaning.

His book has contributions from both Barack Obama and George W. Bush, among many others. When I asked him why he’d included both of them, who are clearly from different ends of the political spectrum, he said, “If we’re going to create Heaven on Earth, we’ll need everyone.”

glimpses-ofJohn’s next step was to ask four people, including myself, to co-author a new book with him, Glimpses of Heaven on Earth: Inspiring Quotations and Insightful Essays, published in 2014.

John continues writing and publishing on his heart’s yearning, Heaven on Earth.

Visit John’s web site

Heaven Maker Questions

After reading these Heaven Maker examples:
• What are the characteristics of a Heaven Maker for you?
• Who in your life would you say is a Heaven Maker? Why?
• Did any of the Heaven Makers spark any ideas in you?

Heaven Making

Several years ago, my wife, Maida, and I were talking about Heaven on Earth. She said that what she wanted to do to help co-create Heaven on Earth was so very, very different than what I wanted to do. She liked volunteering for a program called “Many Mothers.” It helps mothers who have a newborn in any way they want and need. Maida would, once or twice a week for three hours at a time, visit with the new mother and do whatever was asked: look after the baby so the mother could get some rest, do the laundry, play with the other kids so the mother could be alone with the newborn, or anything else the mother wanted.

We were talking and Maida said, “But you’re bringing the idea of Heaven on Earth into the world and I’m only helping a new mother.” Then both of us “got” that there was no difference between her contribution and mine. Both of us were contributing to co-creating Heaven on Earth in the ways that felt right for us and addressed a need we saw in the world.

I realized that what’s important is making the contribution to Heaven on Earth that only you can make.

To help you do that, I’ve created a free email course One Week to Simply Begin Creating Heaven on Earth

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