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Forgiving the Unforgivable

Dr Anita Sanchez is indigenous Aztec and Mexican American.

For over 22 years she has been sharing the wisdom of Indigenous Elders from around the world in order to help all human beings live happy lives by remembering our connection to ourselves, each other, and nature.

More specifically, Anita has been sharing four sacred gifts with executives and their teams in corporations, with non-profit leaders and with communities.

She knows that it is possible and it is essential that we create heaven on earth for ourselves, our children, and all future generations.

In 1994, twenty-seven indigenous Elders, from different traditions around the world, came together. That weekend there was no fighting, no blaming, no competing; they were there to answer spirit by together building a 100 Eagle-Feathered-Hoop in which they would place the four gifts.

The four gifts are to be used to help human beings understand our connection to People, Earth and Spirit.  Being in “right relationship” with others we create harmonious development and heart-felt connection – Heaven on Earth!

The Four Sacred Gifts are:
• The Power to Forgive the Unforgivable.
• The Power of Healing.
• The Power of Unity.
• The Power of Hope in Action.

I heard Anita share stories about these gifts and she asked us to reflect on which gift is calling to us at this time.

For me, the first gift – The Power to Forgive the Unforgivable – was enormous!  How could we do this? How, for example, could we forgive the annihilation of six million Jews? How could we forgive slavery? How could we forgive rape, or murder?

Anita says, “I know a great deal about forgiving the unforgivable: the genocide of my indigenous ancestors; the taking of native lands; the systems and structures still in place that make access to health care and jobs almost impossible.

“In my personal life I experienced childhood incest, economic poverty and the racial-hate murder of my father at age 13. Even with all of these unforgivable acts, Indigenous Elders and I say that to be truly free, to be happy, we are given the gift to Forgive the Unforgivable.

“Forgiveness sets you free from life-sapping hatred, anger, resentment and retaliation, allowing you to choose to use your energy to love yourself and others. Forgiveness is not avoidance of justice, lack of confidence, or forgetting the hurt/mistreatment – it is not avoidance.

“Instead, forgiveness is an active choice to no longer stay locked in the righteousness of our pain and hurt. Forgiveness is releasing ourselves from the prison of what did or did not happen, or what we wished had happened. The insidious illusion that ‘these pains and hurts are my identity’ can stop us from our joy and from our responsibility to create heaven here on earth.

“Through forgiveness, we heal ourselves, we rewrite the stories of our past, and we open our future to a new path and new glories.”

Anita’s book can be ordered now and will be available September 5th –

The Four Sacred Gifts:
Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times

You’ll also receive and enjoy the free downloadable song, “In Right Relations,” that’s based on this powerful little book.

Thank you Anita for this powerful contribution to Heaven on Earth.

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