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Around the World

1. A police officer in Texas has written a 16-page manual, Heaven on Earth for Law Enforcement. (Interview here.)

2. A woman in Santa Fe, NM sent out a request to 40 of her extended family members asking what Heaven on Earth was for them. 33 replied. She compiled the answers into her Christmas letter and sent that to all 40.

3. In Canada, a woman developed a program asking people in her county to donate a penny a day to help end violence against women. The program is called Making Change. They raised $2,500 and took that result to the Canadian Government which funded them $100,000 for each of the following three years. (Interview here)

4. In Halifax, Canada, a real estate firm has begun a grant program called A Home for Everyone.


People have committed to their nation being
a Heaven on Earth Nation in:

#7: Heaven on Earth for Croatia (Hrvatska)

5. Argentina

6. Austria (watch the interview)

7. Croatia (Facebook) (Workshop)

8. Denmark (Facebook)

9. Hungary

10. Japan

11. Mexico

12. In India, a Muslim woman has committed to Heaven on Earth for the Arab speaking world (for her the countries are: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine [which entails peace with Israel],& Saudi Arabia)

13. In Nashville, TN a Heaven on Earth Country & Western song is being written.

14. In Hawaii, a woman embedded her definition of Heaven on Earth at the end of every e-mail she sends out. Another woman in Chile copied the idea and then added the 2nd Heaven on Earth question so that others discover what Heaven on Earth is for them.

15. In Singapore, a woman has written a Heaven on Earth song for Singapore’s environment.

16. In Mexico, a woman spoke to two people every day for 33 days about Project Heaven on Earth.

17. An Irish management consultant, who works throughout Europe, carries a form she hands out to people asking them to write their description of Heaven on Earth.

18. In Brazil, a woman has written a book (whose title translates as): 64 Powers…and the many ways to create Heaven on Earth.

19. In Toronto, Canada, a dentist has created Heaven on Earth in her dental office. She has a Heaven on Earth sign on the ceiling for her patients to see when they lie flat on the dental chair. If they ask her what it’s about, she happily tells them.


20. In Hawaii, a husband and wife have created “The Heaven on Earth Video Contest”, now in its fourth year and open to people all around the world. Total prize amount is $10,000. (Interview here.)

21. In Tarifa, Spain, Banti, a hotel/bar/restaurant has as its motto: “Banti = a meeting point for those who truly believe we are living in heaven on earth.”

22. In England, a book, New Magna Carta: A Psychiatrist’s Prescription for Western Civilization calls for Heaven on Earth to be part of a new and updated Magna Carta. (Interview here)

23. In Sacramento, CA, a spiritual community group has produced a 28-page resource packet Co-Creating Heaven on Earth: A Resource Packet for Congregations. It’s written for: Christian, Jewish & Muslim congregations. (Interview here)

24. In New Orleans, Louisiana, a retired business man has produced two books: How To Achieve a Heaven on Earth and Glimpses of Heaven on Earth.

25. The same New Orleans man has produced a documentary TV series, A World That Works, discovering individuals and organizations that are doing their part to work toward achieving Heaven on Earth. Here are 3 of the episodes focusing on: Racial Harmony, Peace, Ecological Harmony.

26. The same New Orleans man has produced a Heaven on Earth logo’d sweater.

27. In Vancouver, Canada, the Theatre and Film program at the University of British Columbia has put on a performance of a musical about Heaven on Earth written by students and including students and members of the community. (Interview here)

28. In San Antonio, TX, a businessman asked his company’s Advisory Board the 3 Heaven on Earth Questions.

29. In the US, two poets have written Heaven on Earth poems. (Watch one of them interviewed here)


30. People all around the world have joined the daily 7pm Heaven on Earth meditation which was initiated by the country coordinator in Austria.

31. In Santa Fe, NM, a painter has created a video in which she ‘painted Heaven on Earth’.

32. In Sweden, a business consultant asks her clients the 3 Heaven on Earth Questions and then adds another one:“Again using your magic wand, what is Heaven on Earth for your business?


33. A spiritual teacher in Astoria, NY has created a video… “Experiencing Unconditional Heaven”.

34. A woman in Austria has given all her sisters’ five sons, her brother, and her son, warm shoe insoles made from lama wool. On all of them, she wrote “There should be heaven on earth wherever you go.”

35. In NY state, prison guards are asking young offenders in a boot camp program the 3 Heaven on Earth Questions.

36. A motivational speaker who speaks globally is now ending his speeches speaking about how when people apply his ideas they are actually creating Heaven on Earth.

37. In Malaysia, mindvalley, a global on-line personal development company has produced a video, How to Uncover Your True Purpose – Heaven on Earth Exercise.

38. The same company, mindvalley, has produced a documentary movie, Live Your Quest, in which Martin Rutte speaks about Heaven on Earth and asks people to answer the 3 Heaven on Earth Questions. The movie has viewers globally.


39. A photographer in Hawaii is setting up a Heaven on Earth photo site.

40. A songwriter in Las Vegas, NV is writing a Heaven on Earth song.

41. In New York a Pastor who is also a PhD has written a book, Why Choose Hell When You Can Have Heaven on Earth?

42. In Slovakia a women’s group sponsored a women’s empowerment global webinar, Women’s Social Change Summit and they interviewed Martin on Heaven on Earth and on Heaven on Earth for Your Nation.

43. In England, an author has written a book, Creating Heaven on Earth-Taking Small Steps in the Right Direction. This is Book 8 of Series 1 of The Future of Western Civilization.

Croatia is a Heaven on Earth Nation

44. Clean water
Ljerka and Tanja want to promote clean and healthy water for everybody.

45. Help for homeless and very poor people
Snježana started this theme and promised to collect information about possible sources of help (such as free food, donors, work possibilities, volunteering associations,…) that some of the poor people might not know about. Then, they would make flyers with that information.

She would also like to create some programs that would help them to move on and believe in a better tomorrow.

Also, by distributing the flyers, we could make a database about what each of them can do, to easier connect them with job providers.

46. Book Exchange corner in libraries
Ivančica has some contacts in libraries and she wants to help implement the idea that every library creates a corner (designed in the same manner) where people could leave the books they no longer need and take a book that they want to read. We also talked about how nice it would be if the owner of the book wrote a dedication for a future reader in it saying what the book meant for him.

47. Finding people and organizations that are already acting in the direction of the “Heaven on Earth.”
Aglaja knows many such people, so we concluded that maybe we could organize them to speak in libraries and also create a little YouTube interview with each of them.

Also, she will make a list of literature about such topics.

48. Concrete examples of good deeds
Inja is a marvelous applier of the Heaven on Earth idea! During the summer, she reminded herself every day of Martin’s words: “What will you do in the next 24 hours?” and every day she would do a small (or bigger) step towards Heaven on Earth, by doing good deeds. She described 10 of them to us.

We want to share on the Croatia Heaven on Earth page as many concrete stories about big and small good deeds as possible!

Prince Edward Island is Canada’s First Heaven on Earth Province

49. A tea merchant has created a Heaven on Earth Tea Blend that is now available across Canada. (Interview Here)

50. The Charlottetown Kiwanis Club has established the Heaven on Earth Leadership Award with a prize for every high school in the province. (Interview here)

51. A Heaven on Earth fundraiser has been held for Anderson House, a women’s shelter.

52. A woman who owns two jewelry stores is giving away a card with the 3 Heaven on Earth questions on it, with every purchase.

53. An indigenous AA group is reading excerpts from the book How To Achieve a Heaven on Earth in each meeting.

54. An Op-Ed piece, written by Martin, appeared in The Guardian, the provincial newspaper of record, putting forth the idea that PEI should be Canada’s first Heaven on Earth province.


55. The Kettle Black Café is now offering a Heaven on Earth coffee blend.

56. The Prince Edward Island Business Women’s Association has held two workshops entitled: “A Bold Tomorrow: Co-Creating Heaven on Earth for Yourself, Your Work/Business and Prince Edward Island.”

57. Four one-day Heaven on Earth workshops have been held at Rock Barra Retreat Centre.

58. An evening Heaven on Earth workshop was held in Summerside.

59. There is a Facebook Group:  PEI Heaven on Earth.

60. A politician running for leadership of his political party has, on video, answered the question, “What is Heaven on Earth for Prince Edward Island?”

61. Martin gave a Heaven on Earth keynote to the KIWANIS Eastern Canada & Caribbean Conference held in Charlottetown, PEI.

62. Martin authored a one-day Heaven on Earth reflection for the book Global Chorus 365 Voices on the Future of the Planet. The book’s editor, Todd MacLean is an Island resident.